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For those that are on the fence.
A few nights ago I was watching Stunt Busters on SPEED and they had a segment on Tuners.
They took a Yukon Denali and did a couple of test runs 0-60 then flat out. The 0-60 was pretty sad and at about 100mph the engine started to shut back. The driver commented on something about a safety ceiling at 3000rpm in O/D.
They then used a tuner to ONLY adjust the Speedo limiter and Rev Limiter parameters. This same Denali would now go 130+ (still climbing when the driver let off) and 0-60 time was 2+ seconds faster.
I personally have experienced this with 2 vehicles, a 98 RAM and 08 JKU. Doesn't matter whether auto or manual trans the ability to merge or pass on the highway is greatly increased by resetting these factory parameters. Adding a performance tune to that will also increase the drivability.
Calibrators are OK for changing tire size, gears and such but if you want to get the most out of your engine you need a tuner.
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