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Tuffy Security Drawer

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I was getting fed up with having all my junk just ending up all over the Jeep, usually where I didn't want it. To be quite honest I'd always been reluctant to pay for the Tuffy Security Drawer but after seeing how well it worked for others I decided to give it a go.

The instructions are technically correct, but not the easiest to follow. Fortunately, the install is pretty straight forward and nothing difficult, even with one person (the complete drawer system weighs in at 110 lbs).

I opted to have the drawer raised 4", as this allows for plenty of gear to be stowed under it.

I replaced the bolts that hold the side panels on with eye bolts, so that I can use them as anchor points for strapping stuff to the top of it. I laso braced the side panels so that they can hold a little more weight.

I ran 12v back to it for a power outlet and interior light. I strapped a small 12v cooler on to one of the side panels, which will get plenty of use.

Pros: Well made, drawer glides nicely, good storage solution, secure.

Cons: Heavy, rattles*, expensive, no trunk space

* I managed to reduce just about all the rattles with some messing about.

Overall I like it, and it is a good solution for me.

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Looks great. I like the added cooler.

Can the draw have all the sub-compartments removed? I am interested but want one large space.
Looks good I wish they made a thinner one so I could put my spare tire on top of it and not have it sicking up so high.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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