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Tuffy replacement console

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Big thanks to Phil at Trailduty for hooking me up with one of the new Tuffy full replacement steel consoles.

Install was pretty involved, but there's a lot to it, especially if you decide to mount a CB or stereo in the provided mounting spot. Plus it adds a 12V plug in the bottom of the console.
Advantages are much more room, secure storage (since theres no place to mount a gun safe in the JK), padded armrest and its up high enough to actually use.

To install it, its easiest to go ahead and remove the passenger seat. I left the seatbelt hooked up and just slid the seat into the back, this gave me enough room to yank out the stock console, do my wiring and get the new on in place.
My install was hindered a bit by UPS's tender handling of my console. Looked like they had played hockey with it. Thankfully Tuffy does a heck of a packing job and there was minimal tweakage. :mr-t:

start by yanking all this out


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looks great!!!!!

why did you get gray and not tan?
Looks awesome!

Got any pics of the inside with the CB or radio mounted?
do you have power windows? If so, can you post a pick from the back seat of the switches?
I like the charcoal better - matches the rockhard cage and the dark bits of the dash and contrasts the seats.
Honestly I didn't specify, but I'm glad I got the charcoal!

I didn't mount my CB in there yet and when I do, I'll probably just bolt it to the side instead of using the bracket that came with. Their mounting bracket goes across the front (shifter end) of the console and has a cutout for the radio or whatever to stick through, but it's made for full width units, my little cobra is only about half as wide so rather than lose that much room, I'll just mount to the front plate. In the pics below, the one of the inside - the black plate in the front of the console is interchangeable, either the flat one like I have installed or they include the one with the opening.
So far the only thing I don't like - if you look at the inside pic theres a little bright aluminum box hanging in the back, its a little removable tray deal, but it hangs and bounces when you hit bumps - gonna have to redo that, but it makes a perfect spot for my little Kel-Tec PF9 9mm :grinpimp:
I'll probably end up getting a kydex holster and just bolting it in there on the back wall.

It retains the rear window controls, but also comes with a block off plate in case you don't have them- the little steel tabs to protect the switches are a nice touch as well.

Tuffy includes pretty much everything - different plates for auto or manual, switch holder or blockoff and radio mount or no and theres a big grommet in the side for a mic cable or external speaker wire or whatever.
I would say making a replacement console for the JK was a pretty ambitious project, lots of angles and pods and stuff, but they did a great job.


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Nice write up!
I've been interested in this since I bought my JK...How much time did it take to install?
Looks like the upgrade I'll do, oh wait, gotta get a JK first. :D
Nice write up!
I've been interested in this since I bought my JK...How much time did it take to install?
It's not a quickie job, thats for sure
I probably had about 3 hours in it
but like most projects I could do it a lot quicker the second time
I just upgraded to the tuffy as well, I found that it took probably 5-6 hrs to do it not rushing and putting in the new power wiring for the outlet. I also moved the rear switches up so they are not going to get wet from the drinks in the rear cup holder. so it took some extra time to cut the new holes ( the switchs mount just under the little aluminum box on the back wall.

all in all, I love the new tuffy box and I have shared the new switch location with Eric at Tuffy.
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