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When? Wed March 19th

Where? Moab, UT Meet City Market back lot. We'll be there at 7:30am with donuts and a couple Jeeps setup for display.

Why? To say thanks and to introduce ourselves and our full line of manufactured products - suspension solutions, body armor and bumpers.

Some of you may have noticed the TREKs Offroad Equpment name floating about. To give our line of manufactured products a distinct market presence we have come up with this marketing strategy. We are still T&T Customs, same guys same quality work, same overbuilt parts. As we grow we needed a way to seperate the custom/installation side from our manufacturing division.

I know we've been quiet here in the last year or so and that our website is rather dated... :( Mostly due to our growth and trying to cage that animal as well as fully expanding our product line (R&D). We've also expanded into a combined 8000 sq ft facility to get our manufacturing division up and running to better serve our customers. By doing so we've added wharehousing and are working our butts off to get product stocked and ready for shipping. We are working on a brand new website with a new look and feel and detailed info on all of our parts. Schwag is also in the works.

TRAIL RUN To wrap up we'll be leading a trail run later in the morning. We plan to leave at 10am and will be headed out of town a bit to a trail where anyone can drive along. For reference sake we took a budget boosted ZJ on 31's through last year without difficulty. That's not to say there isn't terrain for those that want more challenging obstacles - they're there! :D

Please stop by on your way out to your trail or if you have nothing going and want to go wheel for the day feel free to tag along.


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