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For some reason my mind must not be working right today. I know a while back I found a write up for an Auto transmission swap into a 6 speed X. I have a 2007 and would like to put an Automatic in it. Anyone have any advice on doing this? What do I need to start scrounging up other than a Trans? Do i need a computer? Wiring Harness?

The other write up i can not locate was how to wire in a Rubicon harness to swap Rubicon axles into this thing. I have the axles ready to go, have the harness, have a switch pod and switches. Any help here?

I miss the day when you could just weld new brackets on an axle and go. No wiring, now computer controlling everything....

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As far as the axles go, you can just wire 12v leads off a switch to the plug and call it good. Plus, you'll have total control of them.

As far as the transmission, I'm willing to bet you'll need the trans, PCM, harness, pedal assembly, shifter assembly, maybe driveshaft, but don't hold me to it.

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Part Number Nomenclature QTY

6506603-AA Nuts 5
5127449-AA Nuts 8
52060490-AE Shifter Sled
1 Floor plate that shifter mounts to. Covers hole in floor

52060163-AD Cable Bra
1 Start interlock cable. runs from steering column to shifter

52060164-AD Shift Cable 1
52060162-AD Shift Lever
1 Auto tranny shifter assembly

4801598-AD Engine Wiring
1 Underhood Harness that connects to PCM

52121833-AC Bracket 1
6504383 Bolt Hex 4
6503465 Bolt Hex 8
CH4471933 1
4736299-AB Flexplate 1
55056624-AB Oil Tubes 1
6104155-AA Screw Pan 2
55398213-AA Bracket 1
6104044-AA Bolt Hex 3
1FG73BD5-AB Base Floor
1 Center Console

1CG44XDV-AB Panel Floor
1 Center Console piece

5150466-AA Module PCM 1
68059549-AA Trans Filter 1
68018106-AA Retainer Clip
1 Transfer case shifter cable retainer

4861592-AA Starter Cover Plate
1 Starter shim
68003618-AC Brake Reservoir 1 Brake reservoir is capped versus having clutch cylinder line
68004449-AA Reservoir Grommets 2
Only needed if yours are damaged
(Get P/N from Dealer) Transmission Mount 1
(Get P/N from Dealer) Wiring Dash 1
1 Underhood wiring harness that runs along rear engine firewall
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