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Transfer Case howl on decelleration

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I think I might have flogged the ol girl a bit too hard today. Did dunes all day, worked mostly in 4lo, as I wanted at least the rear locked and I have not done the locker mod yet. After several hours of hard wheeling, I think my 4lo is on it's way out. I tried to keep my speeds down, but you know how that goes. After my last outing when I tore my front driveshaft boot off, I babied it and could not crest anything of size. So today I went and drove it like for why I bought it. I did some of everything, slow through some deep bowls, faster through some whoops, hard up some large hills, even got some air (bad me, bad me) over some medium size hills. But I did try to keep the speed down, under 25mph mostly. But it was a long hard day. At the end of the day, going slow in 4lo, I would let off the gas and get a fairly loud howl out of the TCase as it chugged down, get on the gas it is gone, let off it is back. Not good. Only in 4lo, 4hi and 2wd ok. I actually was not surprized to have something let go, but I've not heard of probs with the Rub's TCases.
Anyone had any similar problems? I'm gonna have a peek at the fluid, I expect dark color and pretty metal flakes. Anyone rebuild one?
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I say it's 'normal'. I wouldnt worry unless you hear some grinding or VERY loud howling.
Maybe the chain just stretched a little. I'd guess that as long as you don't hear it slapping the sides of the case on decel, your ok ;)
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