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trans noise

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I have an 07 rubicon with a 6spd ,How noisey are these trannys. Went on a 6 hour drive had a loud noise in 6th gear at about 60mph. I have 35 with 5.13 during the first 5 hours was cruzing at 70 but the last hour the trans was loud.Now this moring driving quiet again, ck the fluid all ok. Talked to the dealer today they said never heard of this. :shocked::shocked:??????anybody had this happen??
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Is this the NSG 370 six-speed from Getrag..?
Is this transmission "unique" for the JK or is this a stock transmission used for other customers (I understand that the case, bell housing and shifter cover might be different for other applications..) In fact what I like to know is whether this transmission is "unique" for the JK application (which has its own duty cycle..)

I only have 3K miles and so far all is reasonably OK. No way do I want to compare this transmission with the "Corvette" or "Mustang" manual transmission. (Ease of shift, smoothness, whine etc.. )

Indeed the first is a harsh shift, second has a "whine", the synchro's need time to synchro, hence slow shifting is required...(May be this is what Getrag had in mind from a $$$$$ point of view..:innocent:)

I will do some more research on this..(my old profession is coming back..:grinpimp: )
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1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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