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trans noise

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I have an 07 rubicon with a 6spd ,How noisey are these trannys. Went on a 6 hour drive had a loud noise in 6th gear at about 60mph. I have 35 with 5.13 during the first 5 hours was cruzing at 70 but the last hour the trans was loud.Now this moring driving quiet again, ck the fluid all ok. Talked to the dealer today they said never heard of this. :shocked::shocked:??????anybody had this happen??
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I have 8k on the jeep, I hear it in 5th and 6th,sounds like tin cans. Only we ingaged.
Fluid is clean. I just hope they dont say well you have diffrent gears in it. It did it even with stock gearing.I guess I will bring it in see what they find.
On my trip my wife looked at me and asked are we going to make it? Thats how loud it was.I havent even wheeled it yet!I will bring it in tommorow see what they say.
Well dropped it off today.Took the tech for a drive did hear the noise.So they will call me later.
Just came back from the dealer, the tech wanted me to see the drain plug. Lots of metal chunks on magnet. His words were< only 9k on this thing this is way too much > He`s tearing it down right now. He took my cell number he going to call me tomorrow when he gets the tranny apart.
I think so Im not up on which 6 speed it is
Trans up date, tech called me wanted me to see what he found. Went over there main shaft bad all sincros bad,He siad he has never seen this before. There putting a new trans in.Trans will be there wendsday.
No cost under warr.
1 - 9 of 21 Posts
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