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trans noise

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I have an 07 rubicon with a 6spd ,How noisey are these trannys. Went on a 6 hour drive had a loud noise in 6th gear at about 60mph. I have 35 with 5.13 during the first 5 hours was cruzing at 70 but the last hour the trans was loud.Now this moring driving quiet again, ck the fluid all ok. Talked to the dealer today they said never heard of this. :shocked::shocked:??????anybody had this happen??
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I have an 08' 6 speed- running 35's with the stock gears. The only abnormal or loud noises that I ever hear are sometimes during shifts (usually 1st to 2nd) and it is likely the throwout bearing or clutch, It really isn't too bad and definitely not loud. I also have a fairly loud exhaust but by the time the jeep is in 5th or 6th gear, it is barely noticeable.

How many miles is on your jeep?
What "kind" of noise is it?
Only hear it when engaged in 6th or is it between shifts?

Wonder if it's the transmission or (does it sound further back), like gears?
I have 8k on the jeep, I hear it in 5th and 6th,sounds like tin cans. Only we ingaged.
Maybe worn or damaged gear teeth or damaged synchronizer, input shaft bearing, or main drive gear bearing. Did you check the fluid for any signs of water (milky color)?

Surprised the dealer said they had never heard a noisy transmission...Is it still under warranty? If it is then I would get a 2nd opinion. A transmission is not cheap to pull apart.
my transmission is noisy, kinda comes and goes...i just turn the radio up now that i passed 36k miles...
Yea...Those extended warranties start to look good when you hit the 30k mile mark. I guess if the transmission held out till 35- 36000 miles, you are pretty fortunate. Last time I checked- Chrysler was quoting me something like 3 grand + just to pull it and take it apart. That was for my 06' TJ a couple years ago. I hope you guys (me included) will not have to have one dropped unless under warranty. Good luck to all.
extended warranty aint worth crap if the mechanics are to dumb to diagnose the problem.
THAT is VERY true...Which is why a lot of us have avoided going to dealerships for even things like TSB and warranty work. There are many of us that have had our jeeps returned to us in worse shape than when the vehicle went in. And often times the problem is still as bad or worse. That's why I always stress that, if in doubt, or if someone feels that the dealership isn't honest or qualified (for any reason), that they at least try to find another dealership for a 2nd opinion, or one that may have a better reputation or is possibly more qualified.
On my trip my wife looked at me and asked are we going to make it? Thats how loud it was.
I hate it when they say that. :shaking:

I hope that all goes well at the dealership and they don't use the "Oh...aftermarket gears, huh?" to keep from trying to figure it out. Especially since you said that it had the problem before the gear swap anyway.

Good luck and keep us updated on the progress.
The 6 speed is the same NSG 370 as used in the previous TJ. It is manufactured in Germany.
Awesome- New tranny (at no cost?)
Sounds like a great dealership. Rather than take the time and expense (Your time/ their expense)...they decided to put in a new one. Transmission work is not for the inexperienced service tech. Now you will hopefully have no worries as to whether or not a repair was done correctly.

- See...I know that there are some dealerships that treat people right.

Hope that all goes well and you'll be "back in gear" before too long...(lol)
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