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trans noise

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I have an 07 rubicon with a 6spd ,How noisey are these trannys. Went on a 6 hour drive had a loud noise in 6th gear at about 60mph. I have 35 with 5.13 during the first 5 hours was cruzing at 70 but the last hour the trans was loud.Now this moring driving quiet again, ck the fluid all ok. Talked to the dealer today they said never heard of this. :shocked::shocked:??????anybody had this happen??
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my transmission is noisy, kinda comes and goes...i just turn the radio up now that i passed 36k miles...
extended warranty aint worth crap if the mechanics are to dumb to diagnose the problem.

Moparpartsamerica.com has the manual transmission for 1800 bucks i think, plus there is ebay...
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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