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I'm getting ready to throw a trans cooler in my 08 JKU and I'm trying to figure out what trans fluid I need to get to top it off after I install the cooler. Only problem is I don't know if I have conventional or synthetic ATF +4 in the JK or not. I don't want to mix conventional with synthetic because I've heard it might not be good. Although I just read that ATF+4 is only a synthetic ATF. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks!

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ATF+4 is synthetic.

Here is a list of licensed ATF+4 suppliers:

Advance Auto Parts ATF+4®
Amalie ATF+4®
AutoPride ATF+4®
Auto Extra ATF+4®
AutoZone ATF+4®
Carquest ATF+4®
Castrol ATF+4®
Castrol Transmax +4 ATF+4®
Castrol Transmax ATF+4®
Chevron ATF+4®
CITGO Transgard ATF+4®
Federated Auto Parts ATF+4®
Great Wall ATF+4®
Havoline ATF+4®
MAG 1 ATF+4®
Mobil ATF+4®
Mopar ATF+4®
Motomaster ATF+4®
Motorlife ATF+4®
Northland ATF+4®
O’Reilly ATF+4®
Parts Master ATF+4®
Parts Plus ATF+4®
Pennzoil ATF+4®
Pennzoil Platinum ATF+4®
Petro-Canada ATF+4®
Prime Guard ATF+4®
Proline ATF+4®
Pronto ATF+4®
Pure Guard ATF+4®
Quaker State ATF+4®
Rallye ATF+4®
Ravenol ATF+4®
Sinopec ATF+4®
Super Tech ATF+4®
Tutela Transmission Force4 ATF+4®
Value Tech ATF+4®
Valvoline ATF+4®
Valvoline PRO ATF+4®
Wolf's Head ATF+4®
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