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I grew up in West Georgia, most of my family still lives around there. I will ask and see if they know anywhere. I lived in South Georgia for the past 6 years and there were a ton of places to ride there. You just have to make the right connections to find out where to go. If you are into mud and lots of it East Coast Off Road park is a good place. Its not very big but they have lots of mud. They also have concerts and mud bog competitions. You can google it to get more info. They allow overnight camping and have decent showers. I didn't have a Jeep when I was living down there. I took my ATVs there to ride about once a month.

There is also Big Nasty ATV park in Bloomingdale, GA. I never went there but have a lot of friends who go frequently. Your best bet in West Georgia is to ride on a WMA or find a hunting club that will let you ride on it. I joined one in South GA for the sole purpose of mudding. Normal memberships were $1,000, off road memberships were $250 a year for 9,000 acres.

You can also try this link http://www.n-georgia.com/orv_trails.htm it lists the Georgia OHV trails.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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