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TPMS driving me crazy

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I have a 2009 Wrangler X which I bought about 2 months ago. I bought a set of take off steel wheels and put some 235/85/16s on them and put them on the vehicle. I drove it for 3 days about 100km total but always at 80kmph or lower. On the 4th day I took it out on the highway and drove about 50km at 110kmph and then the TPMS light came on and flashed for about 1 minute and then stayed on solid. I checked the pressure at that time and it was 40psi. I lowered it to 35psi and checked the spare as well and now every time i drive it it still flashes initially and then stays on solid. I checked the built in trouble codes but it says "done" indicating there are none. I dont know if there is a bad sensor or perhaps the ones in the wheels are different from the spare and are causing interference. I will probably buy a Procal unit to recalibrate the speedo and turn off the tpms. Any other sugestions would be greatly appreciated.
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procal is the best bet in my opinion, you need it to recal the speedo anyway and its easier to just turn off the tpms than it is to figure out whats not working right lol
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