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Towed 2012 JKU

I have towed several cars for a dozen years with my motorhome, the JK is one of the easiest. First thing is read the blogs about your model year. I know 2011& 2012 are the same. Meaning, they require no key in ignition, the steering wheel does not lock, and they do not require the battery to be disconnected to tow. The next part is the towbar. There are cheap ones that connect to bumper shackles, or ones like mine, a Roadmaster or even Blue Ox. It takes some research to figure out which one you want. The rest of it is the wiring hookup, a decent wiring harness is available from CoolTech, and you'll need an auxilary braking system ( required in most states and Canada).

The actual towing is easy. You make sure the Transfer case is in Neutral. Mne is an Auto so I have to put the transmission in Park...I'm not sure about a manual.
You connect her up, takes about 2-3 mins, and away you go.

I prefer a towbar over a trailer because when you arrive at your destination you don't have a 25 ft trailer to find parking for. The downsides to a towbar is you basically cannot backup the rig, and you do add road miles ( not on speedo) to your Jeep tires/wheels/brakes.

Look at iRV2.net and search for towed Jeeps for info.
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