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I am new to the Jeep Wrangler community with a recent purchase and have been researching and learning that there is a lot to figure out. Besides the pressure light on and the speedometer difference I am confused about the air pressure.

2008 Wrangler Unlimited X was purchased with the following upgrade to rims and tires from stock P225 75R16 at 35psi (from sticker on door)

Helo 17" wheels and Encounter AT (P285 70R17 117T) tires

In checking Tire pressure calculator comparing stock to size upgrade to find what I should be running in air pressure for tires it says that they should be 26 psi.
This seems to quite a difference from both original (35psi) and psi listed on the actual tire (51psi).

Is this logical or am I missing something here and confused as to what to actually run tires at.
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