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Tire Tread Life

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I have an opportunity to purchase a set of 5 Rubi take-offs Goodyear Wranglers (i think) 255-75-R17 rims and all for $200. I know its a killer price and will make my rig look better as I am running 225-75-R16. As far as my question goes, ive asked a few people what the tread life on that tire is and ive gotten answers ranging from 25k miles up to 50k miles. So what is the experience that you have had with the tread life? Thanks for the help!:beer::beer:
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Not sure that far but I am at 10k with one rotation and they look great. I keep the PSI right at 35 and check it a lot to keep wear even
I'm at over 17,000 on mine so far and have about 14/32nd's of tread on them. I rotate in the spare so the set should last about 20% longer.
The advice I got on mine new has worked well. Rotate them every 3-4,000 miles. Keep the pressure up, rotate in the spare and you should get years of good tread. I run mine at 40psi, some run between 34 and 40 and everyone I've talked to get great durability.
Rubicons came with BFG Mud Terrains... Sounds like Sahara wheels.
I have 52,865 miles on my stock Rubicon tires. They are probably good for another 3-5000 miles before they're toast. I keep them balanced/rotated (every 5k miles) and the pressure at 32-35 psi. My only issue is they balance fine on the machine, and still feel out of balance on the road. I have the jeep aligned every 10,000 miles or so (its due again) and the tires still show some uneven tread wear and tread block chop. Oh, well. They are due for an upgrade sometime next year. Another issue is if I run a higher air pressure to even out the tread wear, the tires are so hard they pick up every bump and pebble in the road. its like being on the inside of a vibrator.

I scored 5 Sahara (18" rim) stock tires and rims for $400. One tire was the spare and never on the ground. The others have (supposedly) 4500 miles on them. I just had them installed as they appear to be much better road tires than the BFGs. I'll be trying them out on my next road trip this weekend into next week which should put another 1000 miles on the jeep. I have several road trips coming up in the next two months that'll add another 5K miles so I'll have a good comparison between the two.
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Jeep suggests 37psi on Rubi tires. Mine were at 40 when I got the JK and it was all over the road on the highway. I dropped them to 37 and it's better, but still I find myself swerving a lot on the highway. I may go lower a few PSI. (And stop playing with the MYGIG so much ;))
i have about 24k on mine and besides chunks missing from wheeling they are wearing great. prob about 3/4 left
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