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Hi everyone!

I've owned my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport since February 2016. When I purchased my Jeep, I made a deal with the dealer to swap the stock tires for the tires from the Rubicon (I think they are 17" x 7.5"). Now I would like to go bigger but am torn between 33" and 35" inch tires. Also, would leveling my jeep be enough? Or should I also get it lifted?

Here are some pictures of my Jeep:


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"Also, would leveling my jeep be enough..."; would it be enough for what?

you might be referencing appearances so yes, the factory rake can be eliminated by a leveling kit.

On what tire size you will quickly realize that , at least on this forum , that is highly subjective and simply depends upon the intended usage.

I will share some sage advice that I once received and that continues to to be passed among Jeep owners ; it is very much about how you intend to use the Jeep that'll be your best determination factor as-to what tire size you require.

Consider too,that the stock wheel/tire combination you have is only slightly smaller than a 33" tire at 32" diameter.

There are so many videos and searchable threads on this subject that I suggest spending time looking thru the search results only for JKOwners (e.g.- " will it fit?:http://www.JKOwners.com" without quotes will operate only a search of this site) and then go to YouTube and search for a TeraFlex (channel) video on 'Jeep JK tire sizes' *. Dennis does a pretty fair , new owner intro to the crazily variation-filled world of wha tire sizes are options for your Jeep. Afterwards, go wheel the Jeep a few months ( what will lead you to the safest, most appropriate tires for your needs) and determine based upon what you are not getting done with the very capable stock tires.
That way you can make an educated decision instead of basing something as uniquely individualistic and co$tly as 'what tire size' to run up to the opinions of other folks whom you do not know. We have no clue how you drive, where you plan to go,etc...

Also, please take a minute later and go to our Welcome Room to introduce yourself. It's a great forum!
I will welcome you myself here ;
Welcome to JKOwners :jeep2:


So, I went and snagged the "new-to-tires-size-options-for-JK/JKU" video from TeraFlex for you. There is your complimentary , two new member assists quota, lol) . Nice Jeep, btw! :wink_animate:

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