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tire insurance

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anyone get road hazzard tire inusrance and actually used it with no problems.
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I got it from Discount tires on mine. HAve not had to use it on these tires yet though.

In the past I had it on some other tires and used it a few times. I never had an issue. They really have a no questions asked policy there. ONLY thing they look for is to see if it was intentional. If you have a screwdrive hole poked in the sidewall I heard they will not do it. however, you can drive in with a stick sticking out the sidewall and they will do it no problem. (don't ask me how I know that, lol). I have never been questioned myself when using it.
I have used mine before. had a tire replaced after i went to fast around a turn in a car i used to have and didnt quite make the turn....:shaking: shredded the inside facing sidewall on the outside of the curb. Took it in and 30 mins later had a new tire. Bought insurance on that one too. Well worth the money!!
It is actually the one thing worth buying from your local 4 Wheel Parts store. I have had 3 tires repaired and one replaced so far. Only cost to me has been about 25 bucks to transfer the warranty/insurance to the new tire.
Yup, I've used both discount tires and 4WP's warranties. I've never had an issue, heck, 4WP even offered a replacement if I had excessive chunking after a trip. (e.g. more than one lug removed completely vs. a handful just sheared halfway off.)

Did this a couple months ago... slashed the inside driver side of my KM2 and discount replaced it under warranty. Cost me like $47, I bought another warranty on the new tire plus tax.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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