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Tiltz 2 Door Build

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2012 White 2 Door Rubicon Build

So I mistakenly bought a 2011 sport without A/C. It was earlier in 2011 and I didn’t know about the new motor coming out. I came from a 350z, so needless to say, the Jeep was disappointing in power but better than my old YJ. I drove it for a year and then my brother-in-law got a job at Jeep so I scored a new 2012 for under dealer invoice and they gave me a 19 for my POS no A/C sport (that has been sitting on the lot for 6 months and is now selling for 19... lol). I had the 2011 for a year and bought a lift, tires, winch, and sliders. I moved those over to the new Jeep on day one. This will be a work in progress….

• 2012 2 door manual Rubicon
• 35 inch procomp MT
• 2.5” TeraFlex Coils and shocks
• Ruff Country front Bumper
• Warn 9.5TI Masterpull Synthetic Line and Aluminum Fairlead
• SmittyBilt XRC Carrier
• Shrockworks Rock Sliders
• Cobra Radio
• Front D44: Artec Truss, and Skids, Poly Performance C Gussets and Inner Sleeves, Alloys USA Ball Joints, Ruff Stuff Tie Rod, Synergy flipped Draglink
• Synergy front Long Arms
• Chopped up fenders, dings, NW pinstripes, broken taillight, crunched up stock skid plates

Next Plans:
• 8 inch Stretch Synergy Stretch with coilovers
• 37-39inch tires
• Flat Belly

Yikes moment. will be adding a cage

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Lookin' good! Definitely going to follow the stretch, I'd like to push the front on mine up a bit.
1 - 1 of 146 Posts
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