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Table Mesa is one of the most well-know recreation and 4-wheeling destinations in Arizona. Next Saturday, November 6, 2010 is the biggest clean-up of the year, hosted by the BLM and multiple recreation clubs. Think it's no fun picking up trash? You have never been to one of these! And several Jeep runs are sure to break out afterwards...

This is a multi-group event: Jeepers, Toys, K5's, shooters, ATV's--everyone who plays on public land will be represented. Some of the organizers have started a Facebook page for event info:

This is a good cause, a good way to get involved with the land managers and the various recreationists who share the trails, and a heck of a lot of fun. Be there!

I am planning to run Raw Deal afterwards--if you want to play, too, you will need a State Trust Land permit ($15...here: http://www.land.state.az.us/programs/natural/recreation_permit.htm)

Happy trails!
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