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The Adventures of Rex

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Decided to collect Rex and friends shots and videos in one place, easier to share.

I'll try and keep it up to date.

In this thread you will see LoRider, Tigger, the White One, Apacolypto, The Gekko, The Dozer, Planman, Landshark, Spooky, and a whole bunch of others. The pics and vids are from all over Colorado, Moab, St. George, Las Cruces, South Dakota. We've met a lot of great people and had lots of fun.

1st Post:

2011 was a big year for Rex: lots of modifications getting him to be really robust. I think we are there now. :bounce: Kudo's to TnT Customs in Cheyenne for building me a heck of a rig. Also they are good friends.

Here are some videos to get started (if I duplicate other posts, sorry).

December 31, 2011 North Sand Dunes OHV near Walden CO. It was frigg'n cold yesterday. 17 rigs came out to play. I'll post picks of them when I get them. I was playing on one of the dunes and noticed Rex could jump. So had to come back around for vids:

4DR JK Jumping Dune--T-Rex in Action - YouTube
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Was just looking at your rig in the Jan 2012 issue of JP magazine!! Great gob and nice write up!
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