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The Adventures of Rex

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Decided to collect Rex and friends shots and videos in one place, easier to share.

I'll try and keep it up to date.

In this thread you will see LoRider, Tigger, the White One, Apacolypto, The Gekko, The Dozer, Planman, Landshark, Spooky, and a whole bunch of others. The pics and vids are from all over Colorado, Moab, St. George, Las Cruces, South Dakota. We've met a lot of great people and had lots of fun.

1st Post:

2011 was a big year for Rex: lots of modifications getting him to be really robust. I think we are there now. :bounce: Kudo's to TnT Customs in Cheyenne for building me a heck of a rig. Also they are good friends.

Here are some videos to get started (if I duplicate other posts, sorry).

December 31, 2011 North Sand Dunes OHV near Walden CO. It was frigg'n cold yesterday. 17 rigs came out to play. I'll post picks of them when I get them. I was playing on one of the dunes and noticed Rex could jump. So had to come back around for vids:

4DR JK Jumping Dune--T-Rex in Action - YouTube
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Rex with Broken Drive Shaft. Tested Al Armor

Went to Billings Canyon earlier this year. Rex ate it up the first time through with the exception of the V-notch. So had to come back around to try it again. Can't be defeated by an obstacle ya know. :smoking:

So we head into Billings, I crawl over "gate keeper" then bust a drive shaft. Not a good place to be. We put the armor to good use in getting Rex turned around. My son made this video for TnT.

TnT Customs Aluminum Belly Armor Test with Rex - YouTube
Rex on Die Trying near Montrose CO

From summer of 2012. My son made this video. Rex took the easier line out at the end of the video because the tranny was failing. Still it did pretty darn good. Bob from TnT is driving.

Die Trying Rock Junction T-Rex - YouTube
Rex with TnT Gang at SW Crawlfest

This is in St. George UT. I like it in St. George better than Moab (Ok I like BFE a lot). Lots a varied wheeling. The event here was Southwest Crawlfest. Southwest Crawlfest won't happen anymore. Instead "winter on the Rocks" is the gig. We'll be there with at least on rig in 2012.

This vid was made by Steve who is in the TJ.

T&T Customs Southwest Crawlfest 2011 - YouTube

Bob who owns TnT is driving this TJ. It almost completely flops. The trail is called the Maze.

T&T Customs tip over at Southwest Crawlfest - YouTube
Rex on "Mash Potato" in Moab

This trail is north of Moab. Lots of big open space and some hot tubs. This vid is me driving it out of one of the hot tubs.

TnT Customs - T-Rex in the Mashed Potato Hot Tub - YouTube
Carnage Canyon

Here is Rex doing the "V-Notch" in Nov 2011

TREX Nov 2011: Carnage V - YouTube
Carnage Canyon

Pat Kenney took the vids of Rex in this one:

First the Approach. As usual the thing is much bigger looking coming up the trail rather than looking down.​

TREX Nov 2011: Carnage Exit Approach - YouTube

Part 2 of exit climb​
TREX Nov 2011: Carnage Exit Climb - YouTube

Part 3. Made it.​
TREX Nov 2011: Carnage Exit Victory - YouTube
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The Pickle near Moab

Not sure who took this one. Found it on You Tube. I just barely scraped the front passenger fender. Folks were betting that Rex was too big to get out here. Hah!

IMG_0294.MOV - YouTube
Awesome Rig And Awesome Vids!!!! My Jeep has a Role model:D
Awesome thread. Keep it going with more videos, I love seeing this rig. Its pretty rare you see a rig that is so purpose built and so well planned. Kudos.
Very cool videos!
Thanks guys. I'll try to keep it up. I have to get my son to make more vids. :grinpimp:
Walden North Sand Dunes Dec 31 2011

This area is a lot of fun. Big open spaces. Sand. Snow.

Here is a partial group pic:

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More Walden


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Thx guys. TnT really gets the credit. They certainly accomplished what I asked.

Regarding KoH and Johnson Valley...yep I need to get Rex out there. Maybe this fall. No time before that.
Some more Carnage Canyon

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Winter on the Rocks

Last weekend we were out at WOTR in St. George UT. What a great event. There a few hundred rigs of all types. Well organized, good trail leaders. The wheeling in St G is really good. All types: ledges, rock, boulders, off camber, slot canyons, dunes, etc.

Tyrant is in the TJ named "Low-Ryder". Tigger is the orange JK. Of course there is Rex.

Here are some pics:

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More Winter on the Rocks

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Video of T-Rex at Winter not he Rocks

Thanks to TnT for doing this one

T&T Customs T-Rex in St George - YouTube
T-Rex Climbing a wall

This wall was about 6 feet tall.

This shows the height of wall:
Height of Wall - YouTube

This shows Rex Climbing it:

T-Rex Climbing on Chain Reaction, St. George UT 2012 - YouTube
Awesome pics and videos. It was great to meet you, thanks taking me along Friday night and being patient with my lack of ground clearance.
It was a pleasure. That trail we did was narly. 😳 especially at night!
Nice vids.. not afraid to bang on it a little..
Thx. The benefit of armor! No body damage to speak of. Scratched fenders, sliders, but heck that is what black paint is for. ;)
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