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Thanks for having us!!!

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We are Jeff & Laura from Anaheim Hill, CA. Id like to thank PUDDLZ for turning us on to the JKOwners.com it was great to meet you!

We are looking to get away for the weekend and Jeep camp. Any suggestions? Anyone else going out? Looking to leave tomorrow (Friday) and return Sunday.

LP.JK.JS :beer:
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Happy Birthday WTF LOL! Its my birthday today too. LP.JK.JS (Jeff)
Happy Birthday WTF LOL! Its my birthday today too. LP.JK.JS (Jeff)
Right on! Happy Birthday!!

I just found out it is also Darwin's Birthday!! Surprised I never realized that all these years

Oh.....you're friends with PUDDLZ, huh? Well, I don't know if we can really have you on here then. Yeah......sorry. :thefinger:

Just kiddin....welcome to the nut house. :bounce::bounce::bounce:
Welcome to the forum---

If you like to drink and set things on fire, you could camp out at Dumont Dunes with Team Hundy and the so cal rubis this weekend.:D
Welcome, just don't believe everything Puddlz tells you. :innocent:
Welcome to the forum...
Welcome to the site and belated Happy Birthday. You know PUDDLZ? I am sorry. I hear you can get a shot for that. :laughing:
Welcome! :beer:
Welcome Jeff & Laura,

:beer::beer::beer: and good times, that is what it's all about.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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