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Got it all installed and finished Saturday. Only ran into one snag and that was I didn't realize the stock wheels/tires would not work due to the longer sway bar link in the back. SOOOOOOO i ordered some Mickey Thompson Classic II wheels with 4.5" backspacing and some MT MTZ 35" tires too... In the meantime I borrowed some wheel spacers so everything clears until I get my new combo.

So far the kit rides amazing well. Even so much so that I say better then factory and i am using their recommended Poly shocks and i am glad I did. I am very happy and VERY pleased I went with this kit. Not the cheapest, but in my eye, the best, and the quality of the components is spectacular.

Poly Performance did an awesome job on this setup.

As soon as I get my wheels/tires I will post up some pics.

Again, a HUGE THANK YOU to Poly Performance....

and for those that are curious? Their customer service freaking ROCKS!!! You actually talk to knowledgeable people that CARE ABOUT YOU.

Now I need to buy one of those super cool Poly Performance Jackets.....wait...do you guys make jackets? lol..

Thanks again, Dave, Garrett and Mike. Shout out to Drew in engineering as well.

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