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Teraflex bb 2.5...need pointers

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Going to do a budget lift soon. Thinking of the Tera Flex 2.5....Any input or advise. This jeep is not only a toy but a daily driver so I don't want to go over board (I think).
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Go with their HD Shock it give a great ride on and off road!

See my Jeep in action @ http://www.aaof.us/jeep.htm
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Getting the new shocks if probably best. I went the ultra cheap teraflex 2.5" route with just the shock extenders because I wanted the lift for off-road but wasn't ready to put down the $$$ for a complete kit yet. It works, and I don't really know any better. Drives fine and at only 2.5 the wife can still use it as a DD. As a Budget Boost...highly recommend.
I did the BB with shock extenders because I have a Rubi and they have pretty good shocks to begin with.
Just a FYI, if you plan on adding a bumper and winch, you're going to want to do either the HD BB with the front springs or plan on getting some front springs later.
I did the BB first and it sat fine, then added the bumper and a 12K winch and it started to sag in the front so I ended up adding a pair of Poly Performance 3" front springs and all is groovy :grinpimp:
I went Tera Flex 2.5" HD BB. This kit included HD front springs and all four shocks. The reason was at the time I did not have the money and this was the only BB I could find that came with front springs. I am also always working on my Jeep and new I would be doing more so this was a good starting point at the time. There are a lot of options available now in that price range.

I feel my Jeep handles better now then it did stock. One of the things I knew I needed to fix right away with the stock ride was that terrible nose dive when you brake. That nose dive is gone now.

With whatever lift you choose I would be sure to get at least all four shocks and front springs. It is important to remember that youe suspension is a system. Ride quality is based more on how all the parts operate together and having the correct geometry then even the Height. When you just use spacers you are asking the stock componets operate in ways they where not designed and throwing all your suspension and steering geometry off. Most people go with 2.5"-3" lift because all of the now poor geometry issues are not as noticeable and is about the maximum some components can operate without failing. With the proper approach you could have a 4" lift ride better then a BB.

So what I am saying is your desicion should be based on how much you are willing to spend (to get all the components you need) and how good of a ride you really want, even more importantly then the amount of lift.

I would start with deciding what the maximum size tire you want to run is. If it is a 35" then I would say that 3" will be about perfect for a DD. If you want 33"s then 2"-2.5" would be perfect. Reason is lower COG is best for onroad handleing and offroad. Also, any less lift with that size of tire you will need to remove or cut fenders which I imagine you wouldn't want to do. So once you decide your tire size and height then you will be able to figure out what components you need. The more components you are able to get (including steering and drive line) will improve ride quality and durability. The more you can purchase that where designed to be used together, like in a single kit, the better ride it will be. For example, PolyP does tons of testing on the valving for thier shocks but this is done with their springs. If you get shocks from one company and springs with a different spring rates from another then they would not operate together at its full potential.

WOW! I jst rambled forever, sorry. In the end, the more complete the kit (overboard) the better the ride on road (as well as off). The closer you get to the otherside (BB with nothin but spacers and shock adapters), the lower the quality of ride on road, off road and more likley to have problems.

One last thing, you will never find that balance in between. It is called a few things...Having a Jeep, Inchites, Addiction, Stupidity....whatever :laughing:
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