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Tera Quick Disco's

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Here's one, wanted to see if I could retrieve it from my stuff.....
For us Non-Rubi Guy's......................

Just remove existing stock "Link" & put "Pin" in bottom hole....

Bolt Tera Disco to top hole....

Below is the Tera Park Pin.....& location /how it looks "Parked"..

Some Pic's of me Disconnecting....don't loose the BIG Washer that goes on after you slide the Disco on Pin.....keep well greased.

And final results of my Diso's.
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Hey you got edited!

I moved you out of the other thread and into it's own. I also got rid of the double image tags.

Great write up and contribution to the library!
Tera QDs still can be useful.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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