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Synthethic winch cable...fitment question.

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I have a Warn 8000xi winch and my steel 5/16" cable is about shot. I am going to go with a 3/8" synthetic line to replace it.

Does anyone know if 100 ft of 3/8'' synthetic line will spool up completely on the drum? If it was 100 ft of 5/16" then I wouldn't be concerned...but with the thicker diameter line, I am wondering (?).

Also, I am considering the Viking combo fire line, but can't decide if that's overkill. The first wrap of this line is heat resistant to 450 degrees (I think). Has anyone experienced a synthetic winch line "melting" onto the drum? I never realized that heat may be an issue with synthetic line, however...if anyone has seen this happen ...please advise. Thanks for help on this.
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I'm running a Powerplant with 90' of 5/16" Viking Fireline with the safety thimble and HD line protector, 10'. It pulls through a Shrockworks aluminum fairlead.

I don't care for the combo line because there is a splice between the two. If it's done right, OK. If not, are you willing to risk it?

On the fairlead...

Yes, you can run a roller with synth line, but if you have to do a weird pull it *might* get hung or drag between the rollers, not good. Plus you lose the weight of the rollers with the hawse and if you mash the rollers on rocks it may render them useless.

There are also UHMW (delrin?) fairleads out there, cheap and they won't gouge like alum will.

On the thimble, it works great. I've had many a pull with it, be it vehicles or tree limbs after an ice storm. It can't be pulled through the fairlead (too big), you won't mash your hands or fingers unless you're doing something you shouldn't, and it looks way cool. I can't count the times I've gotten the "WTF is that?":D
The MasterPull winch ropes at 5/16" are good for 21,000 - 23,000 lb.

That's stronger than the Viking 3/8" line listed above. :D

So - If you WANT 125' of line, and you want it strong, get 125' of 5/16 line that can pull over 20K lb, instead of 100' of 3/8" line that can't pull that much.

Me, I'd rather reach further AND pull harder.


(The lines are not all the same. They have common elements, but, they have important differences. That includes price. After a point of diminishing return, the line is stronger than you need it to be, and, using a telephone pole thick cable is not going to make your recoveries easier. Think camera megapixels...after 3-4 million, most of the extra is typically just using up hard drive, w/o making the picture nicer. - If you don't NEED the extra length, or strength, a less expensive line can be a great choice :D)

I'll agree on everything but the camera anology. More is better if you want clear prints that are BIG. Why settle for 5x7 when you can go 12x18 or larger...
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