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Synthethic winch cable...fitment question.

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I have a Warn 8000xi winch and my steel 5/16" cable is about shot. I am going to go with a 3/8" synthetic line to replace it.

Does anyone know if 100 ft of 3/8'' synthetic line will spool up completely on the drum? If it was 100 ft of 5/16" then I wouldn't be concerned...but with the thicker diameter line, I am wondering (?).

Also, I am considering the Viking combo fire line, but can't decide if that's overkill. The first wrap of this line is heat resistant to 450 degrees (I think). Has anyone experienced a synthetic winch line "melting" onto the drum? I never realized that heat may be an issue with synthetic line, however...if anyone has seen this happen ...please advise. Thanks for help on this.
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it will fit, that is bassically thesame setup I went with.

I got the FireLine. That winch can get really hot when it is brakiing. On a long winch or braking that is the last thing you want to worry about!!

BTW, the FireLine is heat resistant thorough the whole length. It is the Red one. They have another line, I am forgetting the name right now, that has only the first 25 or so feet that is the fire line and the rest is the standard line.
Thanks for the info WTF- LOL. Do you think that there is a lot of heat build up all the way down the line or just at the spool? The all red Fireline is a little expensive especially with needing a new alum fairlead as well. I guess that there could be a lot of heat build up inbetween the sleeve/ line protector and the line itself if it is resting on a rock or around a tree or something. Any thoughts on this? The other one is (I believe)called the Fire Line Combo- because it is a combination of the fire line and the standard line...I think(?)

Well, the combo line would be fine but, If I remember right, the all trail line and all fire line are the same price. It is the combo line that is a hundred dollars more.

TheTrail line has a higher breaking point. If you have a type of winch that does not get hot, go wiith the trail line. The type of winches you and I have are the type of winches you would want heat resistand line for. If you can afford it, get the combo line. That way you will have the heat resistance where you need it and still have a stronger line in the section that gets used most anyway. If you can not afford the combo line (as I couldn't) just get the full Fire Line. It will have slightly less strength then the combo line but will still be plenty strong at 3/8's.
it should fit but why go bigger? Whats the break strength on the 5/16 vs the 3/8?
It is worth it in my opinion tho go with the 3/8's. YOu could fit 25 more feet on with the 5/16 but you loose quite a bit of strength.

Viking Website said:
Our Viking Trail Lines are rated at 13,000 lb (4,6 metric ton) for the 5/16" and 19,600 lb (6,2 metric ton) for 3/8"
13k is strong but another 6.6K is nice! Especially since you are only giving up 25 feet of line. Not to mention it is more material. If the line cuts or gets frayed a bit it just gives you more material to work with.

When I had synthetic on my Mile Marker it never melted during some heavy winching BUT I always worried about it so the heat resistant thing would be a nice piece of mind.

Long winching can generate some heat but the biggest problem would be if you needed to winch yourself down something. for example, you are in a bad situation and you need to winch OUT using the power of the winch. There is a brake ion there (with this type of winch) that makes the winch get REALLY hot REALLY fast. It is not too often that you would be in this situation but, if you ever where, the LAST thing you want to be thinking about is your rope melting!! lol.

But really, the prolem with heat is over the years of winching the heat will break down the first couple of layers of line. Especially with this type of winch that tends to get pretty warm. Then one day you need to winch with the full length of your rope and that strength just is not there any longer.

While you are recovering, it is usually not just on flat ground pulling a light rig, otherwise you would have just used the strap, right? In my experience, a lot of the time the winch is out, it is some crazy situation, somebody off camper till it is winched up and with tons of weight on the line. I just take the position that when it comes to winching it is good to have strong, new equipment not only for saftey but for peace of mind. Especially while your rig is hanging half way over a ridge and your almost there, almost there!!!.... :beer:
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Just wanted to add that the Fireline (@ 3/8) is only 1,600 lb less breaking strength then the Trail Line
I dont quite understand the Master pull units that have a "drum protector". Not sure if this is for heat from the winch or to ward off abrasions?

It is another solution to the heat problem. Some people run 10 to 20 feet of line protector on the first wrap of the drum. helps ward off heat. While I am sure it helps heat transfer from the line touching the drum it is still the same line underneath it all!

I still would really recomend either fire line or combo line with a Planetary gear winch. I'm tellin ya, you ever felt a planetary geared winch after winching a rig down a hill? Even stopping every few minutes the thing gets HOT!
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