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Suspension lift suggestions

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I was hoping you guys could help recommend a suspension lift for me. I definately want to go with 35" tires, but possibly 37's some day, but thats not a definate. I figure my stock dana 30 up front wont like 37's to much, so going that big might get pretty expensive. Anyways, my unlimited is my daily driver, and sadly, it gets driven on the road probably 95% of the time. I don't wanna do anything to it thats gonna adversly affect the on road handling, especially something that will cause death wobble. I've experiened that before in my Dodge pickup I had, and I don't wanna experience it again. Can I get away with just a budget boost? Most guys on here seem to run the teraflex kit, is this my best bet if I go that route? I realize I'd have to go taller to fit 37's if I wanna someday. Could I just retain the bb spacers and get taller springs if that someday ever comes? I'm just asking cause I don't wanna go waisting my money to fit 35's, and then have to do it all over again to fit 37's. Am I better off just going with a 4" spring lift? I don't feel I have the need to go with a long arm kit, I think the short arm type lifts should work just fine. Anyways, thanks guys. Sorry for all the questions, but the JK is a whole new animal to me, and this is my first time back in a jeep in a few years.
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Superlift has all the parts you need in their 4" kit for about $600-$800 you will need to add a Treaflex rear track bar bracket. The Super lift rear Track Bar bracket acts like a torsion lever and will rip your OE bracket off if you wheel hard. You can fit 37 with this kit if you trim a bit.

Good Luck and happy Wheelin:beer:.
First- I'm not AT ALL as experienced or wise as most the guys here, but im bored and feel like lending my opinion + you seem like a nice guy from your posts + yer a yank like me (born in Ohio). Other guys will surely chime in on your requests w/ much different views, but heres mine (BTW...This is my 1st JK but I have had 3 other lifted TJs and 2 Tacos...and have been wheeling for 7 or so years)...The 2 things that stick in my mind is..."95% on road use"...and..."automatic". The auto w/ stock gears will make you miserable if running anything bigger than 33s. Most every (auto trans) JK owner will probably agree w/ that. You can run 35s, but will likely dream of 5:13 gears. I would instead consider the type of terrain that you plan/ like to play in- rocks/ sand/ mud...and find a sutable choice. W/ 95% on road, I would steer clear of anything that is "super" aggressive, and look at tires rated "good" on wet pavement (hydroplaning sucks in a short wb vehicle, especially lifted). I have run Goodyear M/Ts, Pro Comp X-terrains, BFG M/Ts and KM2s and feel that they all work well as "all around" on/ off road tires. The JK comes stock w/ 23" control arms as opposed to the TJs- which had 16" arms. In your situation, I would stay away from a long arm aftmkt lift and keep it simple. There are many brands, but I really believe that an established company w/ proven tech/ customer support is MOST important. You wont spend much coin on a basic kit either (leaving more $ for those new gears). Teraflex, Rubicon Express, Poly Performance, and Full Traction seem to have good support and plenty of customers. I really dont want to name companys that ive heard bad things about...but you can certainly read enough negative feedback on various forums to write a book. With a basic setup (no cutting or welding) you will be more likely to: sell vehicle in the future, get warranty work honered, feel comfortable allowing loved ones to drive, etc...than if you get too wild w/ the mods. Any worthwhile manuf will (or "should") include all ness parts to make the jeep perform as they claim. LAST thought...Ive seen bone stock TJs and JKs make it up/ over/ through stuff that would seem impossible, but they really are fun & capable vehicles...right outa the box.
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My vehicle (07 4dr Rubi auto) is my daily driver as well. I am LUCKY to take it offroad once every 2 months. And thats pushing it.

With that being said.

When i lifted my jeep. I HAD to have a kit that would be EXTREMELY stable, SAFE (my wife and friends drive my jeep too) and 100% dead reliable. No ifs ands or buts about it. I did my research, read about other lifts etc... So i saved and bit the bullet and bought the Poly Performance Synergy II kit. (per Dave and Garrett at Poly this was the kit for me.)

I can say, is it overkill? Maybe, but its stable, steers better, handles better AND I don't mind if my wife or friends drive it because I know its going to get them there and not put them in any danger.

If you are looking for just a basic kit, I think Poly is coming out with a more entry level kit that might fit your needs. You can also give TrailDuty a call, I think they have various kits too...

I think the Teraflex (installed a couple of these) or Rough Country Budget boosts are decent kits. I also think the OME kit with Adj. front and rear trackbars is pretty nice. (I installed this on a 2dr Rubi and it does ride nice.)

What gears does your X have now? 3.21 or 3.73? You have an auto or stick?

But to cut to the chase, the Budget boost might be what you are looking for.
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I have the auto with 3.73's
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