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Easter weekend is nearly upon us, and I have been slacking at getting this started earlier. Once again the Potato Salad Hill (PSH) is going to be a major attraction for many during the Easter week. Unfortunately the area is small, gathers large crowds and has no facilities to accommodate those numbers. It also becomes an headache and eye sore for the Sheriffs office and the BLM who is responsible for the land. They are both watching and a little effort from us can save them a big headache and many complaints. Our focused efforts in that area really can go a long way with showing the groups that the rockcrawlers take land clean up and use serious.

In the past Jeff Knolls from pirate4x4 has headed up and organized the fund raising and cleanup of the PSH area. Last year he was not able to help so RME stepped up and did their part. Again this is on our shoulders, and gives us a chance to give a little back to the Moab area, and help keep this area open for all of us.

Last year RME members quickly raised over $1800 to pay for the dumpsters and port-a-potties for the entire week! We coordinated with the recycling center to get recycling bins in place, then emptied daily. We had several organized clean ups from members who were able to walk the area to pick up litter and have it taken care of. Our efforts were noticed and appreciated.

One positive example is the good comments we received from “The Solutions of Moab” a recycling center adjacent to the PSH area who takes a personal interest in the PSH area and works closely with the BLM and city council on the condition of PSH. Nearly a year later and they are still saying good things about RME and our efforts to be responsible. Those few hours spent went a long way for our cause!

This year I can only hope for the same. I would like to challenge you to help raise $2000 to fund this project. I would also like to challenge members who are in Moab those times to take a few minutes out of their vacation and walk the area to keep it clean. Over the next few days I can get a better schedule of clean up times and we can get those people organized.

Donations can be made via Paypal to [email protected] All funds will go directly to the cleanup of the area, dumpsters and port-a-potties. Anything collected over the needed amount will be donated to the RR4W MUD fund which will be used to keep Moab trails open.

Supported by the Utah 4 Wheel Drive Association and its members.

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