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I would like to thank Superior Style and Sound in Hudson FL for there dedication to quality and the customer. Jim of Superior stuck his neck out for me to make sure that my jeep was set up correctly. Another very popular "business" did my alignment. Superior recommended this vendor due to the quality of work they did in the past. I had the alignment done and got the print out. I went to Superior and Jim took a look at the alignment printout and he was not happy. The caster was way out of spec (1.3/Needs to be 3.7-4.7) The folks at Superior adjusted the control arms in there shop before he went over to fix the situation with this business. Jim of Superior rode over in my Jeep to this business and very professionally but firmly let the New management know that this was unacceptable! Jim walked the Manager through what needed to happen and Jim MADE IT HAPPEN.

This is a great testament to SUPERIOR and HOME GROWN BUSINESS! Thanks again to Superior and I will make sure I do business here again.

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