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Looking to make the most out of what your Jeep has under the hood and show its full potential without getting your hands dirty? Today we are here with a new release from Superchips, that will help you to achieve this goal - F5 Jeep Flashpaq Tuner. This simple device provides a quick calibration solution to ensure that your Jeep is dialed in properly for winning results on and off the road. Not to be loud-spoken, our team has prepared a new product review to get you deeper into the subject.

Superchips® - F5 Jeep Flashpaq Tuner


- Good for 1998-2017 Jeep Wrangler
- Extremely compact hand-held size adds maximum convenience
- Connects to any OBD II vehicle diagnostic system to increase horsepower and torque for maximum track, towing, or off-road performance
- Allows customizing operation of air/fuel ratio, fuel injector flow rates, spark timing, throttle sensitivity, and automatic transmission shift points
- Offers settings for maximum fuel economy to increase mileage
- Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes on all vehicles
- Recalibrate speedometer to adjust for larger tire sizes
- Revise vehicle speed and RPM limits imposed by the factory
- Allows manual control of engine cooling fan on/off positions on vehicles so equipped.

Give your Jeep a real power boost with few simple maneuvers – choose the new F5 Tuner at CARiD!
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