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Yes, details please! What year truck/trans? 5.7? VVT? What else do you need that the JSS kit doesn't come with? Not hating on your setup, but this seems like another nod towards the AEV kit.
Talk to Todd as JSS too. He is a good guy. If I was going to do another hemi swap, I would be doing his kit.

I just bought a computer from JSS for my hemi. Very different programming than BOR or AEV. (Todd, you'll have to explain details). My conversion has parts from JSS and BOR, even though it was a AEV kit.

Superchargers work well too. So on trails whether it is hemi or SC, I suppose, doesn't matter much--the performance will be fine. On road, I'd give the nod (slightly) to a hemi.

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1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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