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Enhance the off-road performance, upgrade the ride quality and versatility of your Jeep Wrangler with our wide selection of aFe Off Road Shocks.

aFe POWER has partnered up with SWAY-A-WAY company, whose main goals are:

1- providing you with the ultimate off-road fun and

2 - engineering high quality driveline components.

Aimed to perform even under the most severe conditions, aFe Performance Off Road Shocks and Suspension systems will satisfy your needs, improve handling and absorb every bump on a rough terrain. They will impress you with excellent dampening abilities, preventing bottoming and rapid wear of driveline components. All aFe performance shock absorbers are perfectly suitable for on-road usage, yet you might need to select a special kind of shocks suitable for your off-road style specifically.

aFe® 401-5600-10 - Sway-A-Way™ Front Shock Absorbers at CARiD

Quantity: 2 per Pack.
Price: $995.00

aFe® 402-0056-10 - Sway-A-Way™ Rear Shock Absorbers at CARiD

Quantity: 2 per Pack.
Price: $995.00

Purchase any of the selected products of aFe Sway-A-Way shocks for your Jeep or Truck and receive $100 cash back per pair of shocks, or $200 for a complete set of front and rear shocks.

This offer expires on August 31, 2017.

Shocks intended for mild/moderate and heavy duty off-roading are available.

Make sure to got all related driveline components replaced as well.

Help your Wrangler perform better and provide more comfortable ride to you with our wide selection of aFe POWER performance shocks.

Please complete the following PDF to redeem your rebate.
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