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Rules to enter Strawberry Pass Trail - 1000 Subscriber give away
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2. Click the notification bell. I will be uploading a video on August 30th selecting a winner from the comments
3. Comment on this video. Tell me what your favorite trail is and what your bucket list trail is. I will use TubeBuddy to randomly select a comment for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes.
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Strawberry Pass Trail is a scenic trail that connects highways 50 and 88. The trail is generally run from the North, which allows you to climb up from Highway 50 over Strawberry pass (8,615 feet). The Northern half of the trail is the most difficult while the outhern half remains easy to moderate. There are only two tough obstacles on the trail. The first being a squeeze between a tree and rock and the other known as Painted Rock. The squeeze can be negotiated by a stock vehicle and a large flat stone on Pained Rock has been moved allowing access for even slightly modified vehicles.
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