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So this isn’t much of a write up it’s more for info purposes. I had a aftermarket stereo in my 08’ JK that was shitting the bed so I got a RES 130S out of an 2014 JK. Factory; mine came with Infintity speakers, Sub, amp and Sat radio so assuming stock mine was 130S and the “S” is for sat radio. The head unit I got is basically the same thing, except out of a 14’ and I was able to get the anti theft code prior to install.

Took out my unit and plugged everything in, punched in the code when propt and bam plug and play works like charm.

So why not put another after market stereo back in, I didnt want to piddle [email protected] around with wiring and all I use is the basics even with my aftermarket deck didn’t use the NAV or anything.

I did research on the CAN Bus and different radio types out there and saw where people have said there might be a issue with the head unit from a newer year in a older year Pre 2012 because of the Anti theft and maybe CANBus issues bassically saying you can’t put a 2012+ radio in a 2007-2011 JK. But from what I have found I can’t speak for putting a older radio in a newer JK.
For me it was plug and play as long as you have the anti theft code!!

I also had the infomus “lost radio communication” trouble code but after installing and cycling the radio off and on ran trouble codes with my flashpaq, no more radio code. Not that, that was a problem but it tells me the 14’ radio is communicating with the JK.

There are other radios out the for different vehicles that are the same but you still have to be aware that some operate on Low speed canbus and JK’s use High speed canbus.

I couldn’t find much info out there on this but maybe it’ll help someone one day.
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