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We have a 2008 JK Rubicon 2Dr. I won some Bushwacker fender flares a few years back, which give plenty of clearance for the 35's we plan to put on it. We put "Jeep" brand bumpers front and rear with tire carrier, a Warn 9500 winch, and a Power Tank. The tow bar mounts are installed already as well.

This is, and always was, a retirement vehicle, so we could flat tow behind the RV to various spots throughout the country and have a capable rig for exploring at each stop. This means not just Moab, but also wineries or malls we might come across, and for two disabled people.

I'd like to swap in an air cleaner setup, chip/programer, and cat-back exhaust in anticipation of 35 inch tires. The programmer should make the tire size change adaptable so the speedometer will read correctly, in addition to working with the intake and muffler mods. We won't be lifting it, (see disabled, above) or changing the arms or shocks. I already have a rock crawler, so am not scared of major mods, but this has to stay low, reliable, inexpensive, and easy to maintain.

Does anyone have inputs as to the best kits? Banks? AFE? Or is mix-n-match the best option?
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