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I have a 2013 JKU. Currently all stock. To provide a little detail the stock setup on this JKU is that it has 3 lights overhead:

1. map lights on the bottom of the rear view mirror,
2. a dome light in the speaker bar and a
3. dome light in the back on the roll bar.

In the stock setting all 3 lights work independently.

I'd like to remove the speaker bar and the rear roll bar dome lights (as I will be creating a new roll cage and removing the stock one). However, when I do the rear view mirror map light come on and will not turn off.

What i did find is that I can disconnect the speaker bar and then the map lights go on and off when I turn on and off the rear dome light. So I could keep the rear dome light as an option.

But if I'd like to remove both the speaker bar and the dome light is there any way to wire the lights so that I can still have the functionality of the map lights in the rear view mirror?

Thanks for any help in advance.
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