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Does anyone who has stripped down a JK have a plastic shifter boot mounting ring?

What I am looking for, to clarify, is that as you look at the manual shifter and it's rubber boot, you see a plastic ring with a "hex" screw design (doesn't really have hex screws). Underneath of it there is a plastic ring that it snaps to holding the shifter boot in place. It also has 2 pins and a front plastic bar that gives a 3-point fastener to the center console.

Why I need it....during a recent trail run, my T-Case shifter clip came off causing me to be stuck in 4LO. In taking apart the center console to get underneath of it, the front part of the mounting ring was broken and doesn't secure properly to the center console without it.

If anyone has one, please hit me up with a PM!

Thank you! :beer:
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