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Steering Wheel Swap?

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I know a 2011+ Liberty, wrangler ETC steering wheel can be swapped into a 07-10 model, but can I swap a steering wheel and use the cruise control on the wheel and audio control on the wheel? Not sure since the 07-10 don't have that.
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anybody done this successfully? If so is there a write up on it?
You would have to re-wire the cruise from the stalk to the steering wheel. I suppose if you could get your hands in the wiring diagrams for the two models you could do it. Never read about anyone doing it that I can remember.

The audio controls, not so sure, because they aren't there at all in the 2007-2010's.
Wouldn't be difficult if you didn't mind lights on your dash. If you did then it would be a lot of work for in my opinion not much gained
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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