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Steering Too Responsive, Wandering Tires, and a little Wobble

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Ok, so I know what you’re going to say, “When has anyone ever complained that a JK’s steering was too responsive?” But seriously, I barely touch the wheel and my jeep goes careening off the side of the road. This is coupled with tires that seem to have more control of where the jeep goes than I do making for a scary combination.

Here is the build:
  • 2007 JK Rubicon 2 Door
  • Manual 6 Speed
  • 4” Lift
  • Dana 44, 5.13
  • 37” Mickeys MT tires
  • PSC Hydraulic Steering Assist
  • The following have been recently replaced, with torque specs verified twice: Moog Tie rod, Moog reverse drag link, Rubicon Express track bar, RSO sway bar links front and rear, Teraflex ball joints, Dorman axle hubs
  • Alignment is good with a <1/8” Toe-In

I have noticed that my brand new reverse drag link seems to have more play than I personally would like (able to roll it front and back on its ball joint easily, without any effort), and this could be related to the tire wander mentioned above as well as the wobble described below.

Additionally, when the vehicle hits a speed range of about 48-55 I get a noticeable wobble from what feels like the front passenger tire. This wobble will sometimes be exacerbated if braking down through those ranges, sometimes requiring me to let off the brake and coast down.

Now I understand that my PSC Assist is going to make it easier, but should it be this easy? And in either case, is there a way to at least tighten up the steering?

Thanks in advance for any and all help, and I hope I posted this in the right forum.

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That big lift & tire combo will multiply any play in joints by a factor of 10. If there is any looseness, you end up with compromised handling very easily. Torquing to spec might not mitigate that, depending on where the looseness is...

And, some lift manufacturers recommend toe out iirc.

What is your tire pressure?
How stout is the Moog tie rod/drag link for that hydro setup?

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