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Whats up y'all.

My JK has been sitting for a while, I obtained another vehicle to serve as a DD. The other day I decided to take the JK out for a drive to wipe of thee ole bastards cobwebs.

I notice that when stopped, or even at very low speed/rpm and I crank the wheel back and forth, there is loud, very noticeable creek, almost like a hinge needing lubrication type sound coming from the front end.

I examined it, had a friend of mine crank the wheel while I took a look around. Seems to be coming from around the steering box area. Mind you, there are no issues with the steering that I can notice. Power steering seems to be functioning fine.

I wanted to see if anyone here has had this issue with the OEM steering box's. I have obviously heard of them crapping out on people, play in the steering, what have you, but never a noise problem.
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