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Saturday's hike:

The trail is nice and clean to the springs. Here's what you can expect:



Eventually the well groomed trail ends and you can hike about a quarter mile along the springs to a couple of old mines that have been blocked off. We hiked to the mines and then went off trail and up to the top of a small ridge.

A little game trail that you can alomst see in the pic

We found a nice shady spot at the top and took a smoke break. Had some crackers, almonds, dried blueberries, and smoked a couple of small Montecristo Platinums.

Our little spot



The view

We did the usuall beer and cigar at the end of the hike too. Had a nice chat with a guy and his son who were relaxing were we parked. The son had a nice friendly pit bull and pit/terrior mix that seemed to be really enjoying the fresh air.

Bill with his CAO Brazillia

I had a Man-O-War Virtue (one of my favorites). The beers were from a Sam Adams seasonal sampler. Black & Brew (made with coffee), Chocolate Bock (different but I really liked it), and Holiday Porter.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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