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Sprintex Supercharger with Intercooler for 2012-2014 JK w/ 3.6l V6 (Pentastar)

$3000. (Goes for $5495 when new.)

I had the supercharger installed for approximately 5k miles before deciding to go all-in with the MoTech LS3. It was originally installed at 14,700 miles and it was removed at approximately 20k. Originally installed in December 2014 and dropped at MoTech in April 2015. All of the original items come with the kit. The injectors, intake tube, several hoses, and hardware are new from sprintex, since I didn't think to pick those up when I grabbed everything MoTech removed during the V8 swap. The only thing I'm not sure about is the Diablosport tuner. I'm not sure if MoTech returned the jeep computer to stock before starting, which would unlock the tuner. If it is still locked to my Jeep's VIN, you'll either have to get Diablosport to unlock it or buy a new tuner and get the latest tune from Sprintex. Beyond that, the only little things you'll need to buy are some hose clamps and wire ties. Everything else is in the kit and either low miles or brand new. See the manufacturer's description and my pictures below.

Here's the description from Sprintex:
Excellent performance, high efficiency & reliability, to deliver INSTANT BOOST from low RPM. Uses the ultra efficient S5-335 screw compressor which provides a denser charge, creating more power and torque. Robust OEM style moulded automotive glass filled nylon, offering reduced weight and much improved heat soak characteristics. This system increases torque available at low rpm, allowing the use of taller gears for crawling and highway use. High efficiency water to air intercooler incorporating Laminova® tubes included. Suitable for a standard vehicle without the need for any additional upgrades. Flash tuner included. Programmable for vehicle variables such as tires and gear ratios. No cutting or welding of standard body or frame components (completely reversible). Fits under stock hood. No external oil lines to add as the compressor has its own internal oil supply. Fully integrated supercharger system (not a self assemble kit). Estimated installation time of 6 – 8 hours. Manufactured under ISO9001.

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