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Thanks @coilrod you reminded me of another one of my Top 5's. I love Top 5 Tips.

Yes there are people out there who actually wash their Jeep. I clay barred and waxed mine once. :ROFLMAO: That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get them dirty.

I am going to share My Top 5 special spots to pay particular attention too on your Jeep.

First, is the wheels and tires. Not just the front side we see but the back side. It is best to use a high-pressure sprayer like a power washer or at the local do it yourself car wash. Mud and dirt can get clogged up in all those components attaching your Jeep to your wheels. This happened to an XJ owner, and he thought he had death wobble. Well he did have death wobble but it wasn’t a suspension issue but all the caked in mud in his wheels.

Second is your frame. Get under your Jeep. Those Wranglers have holes in their frames and they are hollow inside. Insert the hose into the hole and let it run for a bit. The first time I did this to mine the water coming out was black then a brown then finally just clear water. The same goes for your fenders if you still have those stock fenders. I have had mud caked up in them.

Third is your undercarriage. A good idea to take that sprinkler that moves back and forth and put it under your Jeep and let it run for a good hour. But there needs to be more than just that. Some of those skid plates get mud on them. The space between the skid plate and your undercarriage. I have rear control arm skid plates and it really gets caked in there. SO, make sure you take that hose again and get those in between spaces. Mud attracts rust just like that road salt and ocean salt.

Fourth, your radiator make sure its clear of all obstacles.

And of course your engine… You know you can power wash your engine. Just be careful not to spray into your air filter. Dust can be just as bad as that mucky mud.
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