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I believe so too. I'll see if I can't dig them out for a photo of the box.
Personally, I stick with NGK and Denso plugs. I save the Autolite / Motorcraft, Champion, Bosch, E3 / Splitfire plugs for when I'm doing maint on my lawn mower.
Unrelated fun fact. Several Toyota models come from the factory with NGK's in one bank and Denso in the other. I always thought that was interesting.
Do you happen to know if they were the same heat range and functionally equivalent that could be cross referenced to each other. Interesting on that. Back in the day, both Mazda and Subaru would sometimes send NGK or ND plugs for the same Mazda or Subaru part number.

No need to go dig out your spark plugs. I found a 5+ year old video that I made that shows the differences. I also show how I indexed them.
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