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Hey everyone, it's been a long time since I have been on here.

I got tired of my 52" light bar noise every time I tried to have a conversation with someone. So I am downsizing to 4x cube lights(2x Spot and 2x Spot\flood combo) on the A-pillars and a 22" light bar on the bumper. I am planning on using the attached wire diagram, but I had a handful of questions about it. I think I have mostly everything I need

For the main fuse, I was wondering what fuse size I needed? and for the smaller ones in the fuse block? I also got confused when I saw this other variation of the diagram. My switches are lighted when they are on so I would assume I need the diagram with the powered switches(And if so does that wire need to have a fuse as well.) LASTLY, I was going to use 12ga for the Main fuse line, and 14ga for everything else except for the power to the switches if they are needed(16ga). Does that sound about right?

Here is a list everything I am using if that helps. Thanks in advance!

Cube Spot and flood(The specific floods I got have been removed)

Light bar


Fuse Relax Box



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They do make covers now for the big light bars. I said fuck that and just used 3 big ass zip ties. Seems to work.

But if you have already made up your mind to switch this is my diagram. I have been running this for over 6 years and I have done two other jeeps with the same setup. To answer your question. I am using 10 amp fuses.

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