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Moderators, please delete this if it is inappropriate.

Construction is slow, I do welding and fabrication as a hobby.
I have a 255 mig and not enough stuff to weld.
bring your jeep or anything on down, (south orange county) tell me what you want, pay for the materials and I'll work for $20/ hour.
I'm also a trained mechanic and love installing lift kits etc.
this is not a business, I just want to help out some JKOers, better my skills, and make a few bucks for rent and beer.

heres a little sample of what i've done to my heep
the bumper took me about 5 hours, about $30 in materials.
the hitch took about 45 min. $8 hitch stock and some scrap steel i had laying around. my buddy just got a tubing bender so i can do tubing, rock rails, grill guards, stingers, etc.
If you dont like what i built for you, i'll eat it

If im stepping on any vendor's toes, or if im out of line, please call me on it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts