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Hey guys, I got the Smittybilt Air Compressor 2781. I also got under the hood bracket, which allows to place compressor under the hood :).
On Memorial weekend I went camping and it was rainy and wet, though, not monsoon rain, just sprinkles. I was sitting under the canopy when I noticed strange sound and smoke coming out under the hood. I ran to the Jeep, opened the hood and realized that for some freak reason compressor came on and smoke comes out of it. I tried shutting it down, but nope, the button would not allow me to do so, it was not responding at all. I had to take the connection off of the battery for the compressor to shut down.

Anybody ever heard of this type of issue? There was no direct water contact with the compressor because hood was always closed and it is rather far away from the accidental water contact through hood gaps.

I wonder if these compressors are so bad that they spark simply from high humidity???
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