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Slippery ll - "TOXIC" JK Unlimited Rubicon Build

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Starting my 2nd JK build. It won't be as big or bad as Slippery l, but I think we'll enjoy it just the same or more, and use it a lot more as well.

Lower so the wife and kids can get in and out easier, and smaller tires so we can drive it anywhere more comfortably.

Planning to do as much as possible in the garage. I'm just getting started with the

Then I'll add some products from MISCH4X4, some POISON SPYDER bumpers and Armor, and some RACELINE WHEELS. Then we'll see what's next.


New Jeep:

Never on a rock:

So I have my Rock Krawler instructions out, Jeep on stands, and I'm ready to start.

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JK is looking great, awesome choices so far! Really like the 2.5" on 37s!

Did you get the Moog TREs to work with the RK Tie rod?
Just as a side note for anyone else out there... As of a few months ago, RK no longer recommends the MOOG TRE's. I ordered the RK aluminum tie rod for dad's JK along with the MOOG units (same part # as in my instruction sheet) and as soon as I tried installing the tre (careful to make sure threads were clean/deburred, used anti seize) the parts bound up. Spoke to RK about the issue and was told the tolerances were too tight on the Moog parts, they said to use the mopar part instead. Ended up going factory TRE's they recommended and they're loose after a couple thousand miles :(

Sorry for the de-rail, just wanted to save someone some unnecessary frustration.
Sweet ride you little whipper snapper. I've got some plans for your dis-owned child, myself. Planning on a coil over system as soon as I get the chance. Strongly thinking about the EVO front and rear bits and pieces. My biggest problem is not having a place to do the work. I feel like such a limp dick having someone else do it. The mule won't fit in my garage, and my driveway sits at about a 20 degree slope which wouldn't bode well for jack stands. I've also been trying to design a sort of "kick starter" step to allow the better half (5'2") easier access to the jeep. She has to drive it every now and again when I have to take the company car to work. If only I had access to a fabrication shop; plasma cutter,metal tubing notcher, mig welder, etc..... Seriously, if anyone has the ability to do this, I'll provide the drawings. I get a set free though. After this is done (coil overs), I'll slap a magnuson supercharger on it and that should resolve the struggle to get over overpasses. I've had a Tuffy security console sitting in the garage waiting for install for 2 months.....I have no excuses.
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Sup! 5'2" and real cute too!

And i hope you made your Jeep Beach reservation today before the hotel sold out. Yu arse beta b there in 2013. Announced dates today. Is that enough notice? Lol

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Growd up a little more.

3.5 RockKrawler springs

River RaiderFull skid set (need 1 bolt)

PSC dual coolers for steering and trans

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Why'd you go with the 3.5" springs over 2.5"?
Picture says it all:
Good call lol
Had some fun in the Snowpocalypse 2 2014:

Did that trucker laugh when you offered?
Nice jeep! Do you like the 37's over the 40's? I'm wanting some 40's but not sure of the road manners.
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